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Religious freedom is being threatened by efforts to make the doctrines and ethics of established Christian orthodoxy invalid in polite society. While is while be too far to say we have Christian persecution in America, we can say that we have attempts to harass and shame people who not only follow but proclaim the tenets of Christian  orthodoxy. 

It is not true that every time we see public harassing and shaming of a group of people by the dominant socializing agents that real persecution must always follow. But it is also true that such harassing and shaming always comes before outright persecution. 

It is becomong more inconvenient and unacceptable in the larger secular and libertine uniformity for Christians to openly proclaim things that the coerced uniformity finds objectionable. The adherent of the moral and doctrinal orthodoxy of Christianity finds that most of the time the socializing agents at the top of American culture really have little love for them, or even tolerance for them.

So if you are concerned about religious freedom , if you want to help forestall or at least escape any potential actual persecution , and if you want to feel safe even as you live and proclaim the Gospel then what I call Upadaria is for you.

Upadaria is pronounced you-pah-daria

Upadaria is a Christian governance and lifestyle discipline

It is a vision for a Christian nation anyone can be part of wherever they live in this world

It is a way of life or lifestyle centered on the intentional re-creation of the extended multi-family household of faith

It is a vision for a coming new Christian civilization based on core Christian ideals from governance tthat empower people together

The basic idea of Upadaria is for Christians to practice what it means to be a nation of people whose God is the Lord so they can blessed to go out and be a witness for Jesus to other people. The main methodology or practices center on making a freewill covenant on the basis for that vision to create your own support system and extended family that protects you and helps you but that also empowers and equips you to go out and reach other people for Jesus.

We don’t have to fear a loss of religious freedom , but we don’t have to rely on the benevolence and tolerance of people who have shown that they don’t respect our religious freedom.