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Your Bible College believes that every true Christian needs an uplifting, exemplary character. Inculcating Christian character is of great interest to Bible College administrators and staff, and they expect that you will maintain a set of values that helps you to live in the Bible College community with appropriate behaviors and assist others in cultivating these values as well.

To help with this, Bible Colleges emphasize:

The Word of God…there are numerous teachings in bible scripture that relate to moral standards.
Cultivating a personal interest in developing Christian virtues such as peace, a gentle manner, loving behavior, faith, goodness…just as we are instructed in our bible study in Galatians.
Prayer habits and attendance at church
Interest in serving God and humanity…specifically your neighbor!

Church Attendance

If, after your bible program, you wish to be ordained or licensed, you will usually be required to attend the church on campus, or the one associated with the campus. Because you will be accountable for these considerations, a working relationship needs to be established at the on-campus church. Otherwise, attendance at the church on campus is often not required for students.

That said, bible scriptures ask us to be connected with a group of believers, so students are strongly encouraged to attend a local church in the local city or town in which your Bible College is located. At these churches, bible course students will often receive hands-on training that goes hand-in-hand with what they learn in the classroom.

Application Requirements

You will usually need to be at least 18 years of age, sometimes 19, to attend Bible College. Often there is a requirement for a High School diploma, or equivalent. This is not always requested, however, from all Bible Colleges. A fully-filled out application form, either online or on paper, a fee, a photo, and references from your pastor or other acquaintances who have known you for some time, is also usually required for entry into Bible College.

You will know that you have been accepted when you receive your letter of acceptance. Accompanying this letter is a Bible College acceptance kit, outlining important considerations you will need to review before registration day. Payment information, housing policies and resources, and other information areas of the bible studies program are covered.

Student Housing

Often there are apartments on campus, or nearby campus. These units are allocated on a first-come/first served basis, so make your application to housing at the same time you make your application to the Bible College itself. Some units are furnished, others are not. Note that there is a good deal of interest in student housing, so apply early. Note that some Bible Colleges do not allow you to apply for housing until you have received your acceptance letter.

The Bible College campus usually has a housing board that indicates which students need roommates…but you will need to be on campus in person to take advantage of that. Other schools have online resources where roommate match-ups can be organized. Usually the Bible College will not be responsible for any of the contacts that you make, or any commitments made by any student in regard of housing, expenses contributed, and so on. In any event, do make it your business to be completely informed about your prospective roommates before making any agreements with them on housing.

Dress Code

Bible studies programs usually have a dress code.

The following are usually acceptable for women:
Dresses or blouses and skirt, skirts with collars, jackets, sweaters, turtlenecks, non-denim slacks, non hip-hugger slacks
Dress shoes, casual shoes with a dressy tone, boots

The following are usually acceptable for men enrolled at most Bible Colleges:

Dress slacks or casual slacks, such as khakis and cords. No baggy/saggy pants, no denim
Shirts must have a collar…polo shirts and other sports shirts with collars are fine
Dress shoes, or casual shoes with a dressy tone

Source by Charlie Fordham