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When Jesus roamed the earth over 2,000 years ago he would speak using illustrations and parables. When he would teach us not to judge others He used a parable about removing a board from your own eye before attempting to pull a piece of dirt from someone else’s. When He spoke about caring for your enemies He relayed a parable we know as the Good Samaritan.

Now churches all over the world are recapturing the benefits of preaching through the use of illustrations. We have at our disposal the best story-telling medium in the world…video. Thousands of churches are now equipped with quality video projection tools which makes using video and mediaan incredibly appealing way to teach people the Gospel.

Because of the relative small expense of video production gear many churches are starting to use their own creativity to tell relevant stories using this medium. But other congregations that don’t have the money, time or creativity to create video elements are now also able to benefit from this exciting tool by using videos created by other churches or production companies.

Churches from all around the globe are now making short sermon videos a part of their regular service. With the benefit of the internet they are able to watch, buy and download high quality videos straight to their computer. After download they are able to easily create a DVD or show it straight from their PC.

Churches are also using other creative media such as countdown clocks (five minute clips that countdown to the start of the service), images, and sermon outline packages to build captivating and relevant sermons of the Word of God.

For those congregations that make the decision to step out and embrace technology they are finding that the old comment of church being “boring” is a thing of the past. Jesus was certainly not boring in his sermons and it is up to the congregations in our time period to present the Good News in as captivating of a way as possible.

So today is the day to start using worship videos to create dynamic sermons!

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Source by Scottie Salas