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In Network Marketing, the creation of a dynasty requires an understanding of a concept often referred to as critical mass or momentum. The success stories most often repeated in business presentations and marketing meetings worldwide always include references to the development of momentum but rarely do they cover the necessary ingredients for its creation. In truth, hundreds of pages could be written about momentum and how to develop it. But, without understanding edification and its role in establishing business and individual credibility, momentum remains just a wish and never becomes an obtainable goal. Edification is simply uplifting or giving recognition to a person or event of importance in order to transfer, establish, or lend credibility.

In order for a leader to be an effective teacher, credibility must be developed beforehand. The same guideline applies to effective teaching at an event. The effectiveness of the lesson always increases in direct proportion to the level of credibility established. The introduction of a speaker is a prime example of edification in action. The more uplifting the introduction, the more credible the speaker and the more effective they will be in teaching their subject. Events breathe life into a growing a Network Marketing business. By edifying an upcoming seminar, Saturday training, or evening conference call, a leader can increase the receptivity of information for new members or guests.

The most attended event in the Network Marketing industry is the company opportunity meeting and it is used to expose prospects to the qualities of the company and training system. Teaching team members to properly promote and edify opportunity meetings is paramount if you intend to keep your organization growing. Most team members unconsciously de-edify the event by attempting to overcome attendance objections as they promote the function time and location. If handled properly, the event can be edified if you (1) reinforce the learning opportunity for attendees, (2) point out the leadership abilities of the presenters, (3) promote the organizational growth that will occur for all in attendance, (4) point out the need to be a part of a winning organization, (5) focus on relationship development, and (6) discuss your personal benefits received from attending prior events. Event edification is no time to practice objection handling, inviting skills, or closing techniques and you should make sure you refrain from as well as teach this concept.

The most important thing to remember about event promotion is that you must edify the speaker so that your attendees respect them as a leader and accept their lesson as part of the road map to success. The easiest ways to edify a speaker is to (1) emphasize their achievements and experience within the organization, (2) point out their success in other business areas of life, (3) identify specific individuals that they personally helped within the group, and (4) mention their accomplishments in their community, church, etc. You can also increase their teaching effectiveness by relating a personal story about how the speaker has in person or through one of their lessons helped you achieve a goal.

For your group to grow, you must understand edification, duplication, and association. Edification is the key. If proper techniques are learned, they will be practiced. As they are practiced, they will be observed by people within the organization. From that point, it is only a matter of time before others begin to duplicate the edification process. Momentum is conceived and with continued edification and duplication, a successful Network Marketing business will be born.

Source by Bill Bergfeld