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Individuals that are just beginning their education in the architect field can easily feel like there a million things that they need to know, and a million more things that they should have ready in their own personal tool bag by the time that they get a job. Overall, it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why the most experienced architects shortened that list down a bit, providing up and coming architects with the five most important things that they need to have handy in their own personal tool bag.

Free Cad Design Software

Anyone that is in this business has more than likely worked with CAD design software. Those that have a free version have the upper hand on those that do not. The key is to find a company that offers free cad design software that can be used indefinitely. This will guarantee that the cad design software is ready to go anytime that it is needed.


In addition to free cad design software, every architect needs a good camera. This camera will be used to take inspirational pictures as architects’ travel. Those inspirational pictures can then be used when they need a creative burst. A good camera will also make taking pictures of up and coming projects that are still in the works much easier, and it will give a better quality picture than a smart phone.

Smart Phone

Every architect needs a smart phone. These handy little devices may not be able to replace that amazing free cad design software, but they can do quite a few other things. If the camera needs charged, a smart phone will work in a pinch. If a calculator is lost, there is one on the smart phone.

Smart phones can also help architects find the inspiration that they need to get started on a big project, make communication easier, and they can help give a nice creative outlet thanks to all the fun apps that can be downloaded.


Even if you have a smart phone, it’s a good idea to have a good old-fashioned calculator to use. Smart phones can die if they are used and not charged all day, hence why it is not a great idea to depend on a smart phone for everything. Calculations can easily be done in a person’s head, but one slight miscalculation can be a costly mistake, and, for new architects, it can cost them their first job. It’s much easier to simply pick up a calculator to make calculations on.


It is simply not possible for an architect to have too many scales. Different units of measurement will be needed for different projects, and, over time, some scales may wind up lost or borrowed out. Instead of waiting until the need arises, it is always a great idea to have more than enough scales handy to make sure that there is never a situation where someone in the office needs one and does not have one to use.

Being an architect is a fun, and very rewarding job. These five basic tools are a necessity to every single architect, whether they are just starting out or have been an architect for years and are in the process of upgrading their own personal tool bag.

In addition to these tools, most architects would include things like pens, pencils, tracing paper and a desk that has plenty of space. The large desk is to make sure that there is plenty of room to lay out a project on the desk, and there will still be room to work around it. As time goes on, every architect will discover the perfect tool kit for them, but these five things are a great place to start.

Source by Phil R