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Theology is what you say you believe, lifestyle is what you do to live out those beliefs, and lifestyle touches every aspect of your life. A Christian lifestyle is a life lived in daily and deliberate conformity to the righteous standards of Jesus Christ, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in a spirit of grace and love. So then the Lifestyle Page is about living these standards in spirit and in truth every day. This includes Christian-based arts, culture, and entertainment but it also includes how we interact with each other in the areas of governance, the marketplace, and in the ream of the sacred.

The Lifestyle Page will highlight Christian daily life, practices, and disciplines, including books, seminars, events, and ministries focused on practical daily living for Christians wanting a 24/7, 7 days a week approach to living out the Gospel. We will recruit Lifestyle Page Authors as volunteers who will provide insights, perhaps from their own ministry or profession, to empower and equip you to live a daily life that reflects the Gospel. Such authors may also cover Christian arts, culture, and entertainment to keep you updated on those aspects of Christian life from around the world.

You can volunteer to become a Lifestyle Page Author and later, as the site grows, we will offer revenue sharing with authors. For now, this remains a labor of love. So sign up with this site and consider becoming a volunteer Author.