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Satanists Celebrate In OK City – this is what they worship and their worship involves inciting hatred against Christians.

Dastur Adam Daniels is his name and he heads what he calls the Church of Ahriman based on Satan worship. As reported by the OK Gazette, the “Black Mass” is to be held on the 15th of August. 

In a Satanic ritual planned for public view in August at Civic Center Music Hall, sulfur, menstrual blood and the ashes of blasphemed and burned Quran pages will be used to “corrupt” a plaster statue of the Virgin Mary.

So reported the OK Gazette. The affront to Catholics and Christians, as well as Muslims, is perfectly legal in a free society that leaves matters of personal belief to the individual.  Efforts by the Catholic Church to stop these events have not been successful except to pressure venues not to host them. 

People are actually paying to come to the event,  which might seem bizarre,  and it will be interestib to see how many people come. The organizer, who revels in darkness, has invited all clergy who wish to cone to attend for free for a “time of learning.” Just what they would learn remains a mystery.  

The event will be held in Oklahoma a city’s Civic Center Music Hall. But one wonders if anyone owning a venue for public rental could be forced to host such an event, even if the owner or the organization are Christian. On other words, while nobody is seriously questioning this group’s right to perform even such a ritual, do they have a right to force a venue rented the public to host them? 

This is one of the reasons why I have repeatedly suggested Christians form fraternal societies which cater solely to members, thus removing the possibility that a hall of facility owned by and for their use would be utilized in such a manner. 

In this case, the Civic Center is owned by the local government and supported by taxpayer dollars. So in essence the current legal environment compells taxpayers to allow their space to be used in a manner meant to inflame hatred against all Christians. Take note that this ceremony is designed to affront, and indeed, if you read the original article you will see that Dastur is in fact aiming to be offensive. He is upset that Catholics have tried to stop his Black Mass, a ritual that is based on desecrating Catholic beliefs and symbols. 

Now if this man was performing a ceremony that was aimed at any protected group favored by the Progressives it would be easy to stop him, they would find some means to do it. But as he is “only offending Christians” there is no way to prevent him exercising his “rights ” using a venue paid for by the very people whose beliefs he is denigrating and against whom he is inciting hatred. 

The Oklahoma Gazette adds-

Church of Ahriman religious leader Dastur Adam Daniels has drawn local and national enmity for his organization’s public ceremonies and demonstrations. Archbishop Paul Coakley of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City issued a media statement calling the group’s 2014 black Mass “a satanic inversion and distortion of the most sacred beliefs not only of Catholics, but of all Christians.”

But since Christians who follow Christian orthodoxy in morals and dogma remain a pariah group among the Progressives, one can hardly expect the media or the courts to defend them against such vilification and inciting of hatred.