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Time is running out... (Photo- Rosario Solazzi)

Time is running out..for ounbounded freedom. (Photo- Rosario Solazzi)

In the USA, Christians face the prospect of losing their religious freedom and being discriminated against if they publicly proclaim traditional Christian ethics, morality, virtues, and doctrines. The very real prospect of a Progressive Super State led by Hillary Clinton and her merry band of radicals looms over our horizon. Time is running out for unbounded freedom in America and Christians will have to look for carve-outs and gaps for freedom where we can e=be safe and thrive even if the Democrats get their way.

Progressivism is rooted in the idea of a faceless mob of people (“equality” by forced uniformity), being led by an elite few, replacing God, family, and the community as the center of your daily life. And these radicals will not tolerate any competition or even dissent from their rule within the public sphere.  Few Christians even understand the nature of these radicals and just how much freedom must be denied to people, Christian or not, in order to do what the Progressives want to do.

Progressives are for a great leveling and the removal of differentiation between genders (which they view as being in the dozens, not just male and female), races (which is a progressive construct), cultures,  and income levels. Understand that their “equality” is implemented as the removal of all differentiation- it is coerced uniformity.  If everything is uniform and everyone has the same result, you have a single imposed mono-culture. To obtain such a fantastical reality you have to essentially sideline, marginalize, and suppress any ideas that go against that mono-culture. To make everyone have the same results, different people with different levels of skills and abilities who might earn more must have things forcefully taken from them and given to others who have either less skill/abilities or who have less drive and work ethic.

Don’t expect the elites at the top to join in this mono-culture with its guaranteed equal results for all. Never have such schemes failed to produce a ruling class who really live well at the expense of everyone else. Never have those elites felt bound by the rules and norms they impose on the people, whom they claim to represent.

When you create a Progressive Super State you have to give it, and therefore it’s top leaders and those who control those leaders, a lot of power. They need so much power to even attempt these aims that they cannot possibly avoid the temptation to abuse that power and feather their own nests. What is more, these pretenders to the throne do not feel bound by religion, tradition,  or even a strict literal adherence to the Constitution,  which they deem as “flexible in meaning” to fit their agenda.

Here is an example of how the Democrat agenda must limit freedom. The Democratic National Committee stated that:

Another joint proposal calling on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies who have reportedly misled shareholders and the public on the scientific reality of climate change was also adopted by unanimous consent.

In other words, companies, and, by extension organizations that agree with them, who oppose the “science” of man-made global warming would face criminal prosecution. This is not freedom, This is the end of freedom in the public sphere, it is locking people up because they don’t agree that there is such as thing as man-made global warming and because they oppose the rather draconian, economically disastrous, and freedom-taking socialism that always appears as the “cure” for this problem.

Meanwhile the opposition, egged on by the national press who work openly as a propaganda arm of the Democrats, are focused on Mr. Trump’s latest statement about this or that which will invariably be blown way out of proportion while the true nature of the Democrat platform is whitewashed or concealed.

The Christian will have to survive the super state that could come, and is already under construction,  if the Democrats win big in November. Those who are under-cutting Donald Trump, who has the only real chance of defeating Clinton (in terms of money and manpower),  do not necessarily see that a Clinton win is much worse that a Trump win. They essentially equate the two as similar in their level of evil, perhaps because they exaggerate Trump’s flaws while underestimating the extent to which Hillary would attack our freedoms in the name of “equality”, which is really forced uniformity.

What this boils down to is that the Democrats face a divided opposition. Too many in the opposition to a super state have different choices in the leaders they will back. Meanwhile, the Progressives are almost totally focused on Hillary winning. They have a coalition of people who will back them. Most of these people are not in on the true radical agenda. Their votes are bought by promises of benefits or by the bogeyman strategy of making them believe awful and scary things about white people and Republicans.

The reason the opposition is divided is not the fault of the followers,  it is the fault of the leaders. While Trump is a brilliant businessman, his in-artful tongue and bombastic tone, coupled with how easy it is to bait him into petty squabbles, undermine confidence just when confidence is the most sought quality in leaders.  Today, more than ever, people want leaders they can have confidence in, based on respect and trust. There are no leaders of national standing in the opposition who engender such confidence.

Merely battering people to vote for Trump, lest Hillary wins, is not working and it may never work. Why? Because Mr Trump has not projected confidence or earned it. There are people who doubt his sincerity and who think, as noted, he is as bad as Hillary. Indeed, if Trump wins we cannot guarantee that the mechanisms for a forced uniformity will be peeled back or won’t be increased, we can only guess that his victory bides us time to be better prepared for the full-scale implementation of a Progressive vision which is infecting both major political parties.

The Democrat plafform is the ost Progressive yet and even includes language supporting taxpayer funded abortions and limiting the choice for judges to abortion advocates only This alarms many on the right, but, again, they are divided in who they support to oppose this agenda.

Here is a “for-instance.” Neither candidate has shown a willingness to really stand up for religious freedom or the family.  Trump, for instance, supported gender neutral bathrooms and supports same sex marriage. Of course, as a Republican with conservative appointees, he would be much more constrained than Hillary, but the differences are not enough to make people excited about him.

And so it seems we will see a Hillary White house with a radical Progressive agenda being crammed down our throats. And most Americans will go along like sheep.

Meanwhile, leaders in Christendom are focused on an end times defeatism in which they welcome the horror as a sign of Jesus coming back soon, or a mindless optimism that Trump will win and save the day, or sticking their head in the sand and continuing their programs as usual. None are focused on the need for a strategy to shield ourselves and shelter ourselves from the disaster that appears to loom upon us, with the aim of thriving and overcoming at the end of the day.

If Hillary wins we will have 12 months in which to prepare an ark of safety before the full flood of “Progressive Reform” takes root. It is possible that her election will be the last somewhat free election and we’ll see the final devolution of the GOP into a progressive party. They’ll read into the election results that they must shift left to capture illegals (who will be made citizens) and millennials, thus abandoning everything from being pro life and pro traditional family to being pro gun and pro free market. The fact that many or most of the opposition to the Democrats might sit on the sidelines this November will be lost on them.

And so, for 12 months we will have to work, not to win any elections or court battles, but to create an ark of safety to make ourselves as little dependent as possible on government or the corporate world or this present society. We will have to find ways to eat, and shelter our families, working with fellow Christians and others of a like mind about freedom, to meet our needs, even if we have no cash or even if we cannot get a job.

I am not suggesting Hillary will become a dictator and outlaw us. The subtlety and sophistication of our enemies is much better than that. They will not outlaw being a Christian, they will outlaw “hate and divisiveness” and they will redefine Christianity into something suited to their ideology. They will not outlaw religious freedom but they will invent new “rights” to protect special classes of people and behaviors and say this is more of a public good than you adhering to your conscience.

Hillary and her merry band of radicals envision a world of “equals” in status and results without any diversity, but where these grey masses, coerced into uniformity, are led by enlightened leaders who know what is best for everyone.

But even in this reality there will be carve outs and spaces for freedom,  as for instance using the legal device of a fraternal society to provide fraternal and social benefits exclusively for members that are outside the domain of laws that regulate public businesses open to the public.

We know that Progressive have more respect for ethnicity and culture than religion or morality, so we can turn to the idea of intentional ethnicity, which is cultural in scope, as the basis of our associations and community.

(NOTE- This is not easy to describe in this article. I propose just such ideas through the medium of a “nation of people” which individuals can “make covenant” with in order establish their chosen national identity, in addition to their ancestral nationality and their legal citizenship. Then I propose fraternal societies, distributed communities, and co-housing projects on the basis of such chosen ethnicity. Consider the standing of the Amish or the Native American Tribes for an equivalence.)

The Christian who ignores and fails to prepare against such a reality is foolishly passing by warning signs and will have only themselves to blame when the trap is spring and they are caught.