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There is a war being waged to transcend human nature itself and remake humanity into the image of mere mortals, as opposed to the image of God. This is the Darwinian Jihad. This is a war against Nature and Nature’s God rooted in the fantastical schemings of people whose morality and logic are equally opposed to God’s love and justice in all things.

The face of this Jihad today is the Progressive ideology. This is the doctrine of devils which mounts itself against Christian virtue solely because such virtue stands athwart it’s own godlike pretensions for a managed and evolved society of androgynous “equals” whose only aspiration is to serve the secular goals of the collective.

But Darwinism has taken many forms, some uglier than others. From the most mild Social Democracy to the extremes of Nazism and Communism, this Jihad has imagined it can rewrite human nature itself and “evolve” mankind through centralized management into its own image.

Progressives are often enough mild practitioners of this Jihad. They prefer social shaming,  propaganda, and the nudging power of laws and regulations to suppress (in a soft way) dissent and to indoctrinate the youth into their evolved nature. Many would recoil at any comparisons to Nazism or Communism, and rightly so when we consider how brutally violent those systems are when compared to our Progressives. But when we consider that Darwinism lies at the heart of these systems, including the narrative of managed evolution, we see ideational similarities which cannot be denied. The basic theme is that human nature itself must evolve and that the Party and the State will coordinate all societal institutions and relationships to implement and manage that evolution. The exact nature of that evolution varies and the exact methods of management and coordination vary, some being far more harsh and brutal than others,  but this is the commonality of all Darwinian Jihad.

Indeed, even the Salafists in the Muslim world are in their own way part of the Darwinian Jihad- they envision mankind evolving into a new being pleasing to Allah and they have a program for implementing and managing that evolution. But we do not classify them as part of the Darwinian Jihad because they have religious and not secular roots and aspirations. The Darwinian Jihad is a form of secular Jihadism which falls under general Jihadism.  Jihadism is any system whereby the vision of the aggressors is to be imposed against the will of the masses and not in their own interest, even if that imposition is rather by manipulation than by brute force.

Against this stands Christian moral and civic virtue rooted in the laws of nature and of nature’s God. The centerpiece of this schema is the family revolving around the marital union of father’s and mothers connected to an extended kinship and community from whence all norms of behavior are derived. This schema is rooted in human nature as it has always existed and stands submitted to the laws of nature and of nature’s God. It is identified as “Conservatism” because it seems to conserve truth and that which is right and just. Man is viewed as created in the image of God and yet with a sinful nature so that men are as capable of good as of evil.

Conservatism is not merely reactionary and resistant to all change. To seek excellence and a greater understanding of truth requires a commitment to change and adaptation which is never-ending. Innovation and technological advances are important aspects of life and require merit-based standing and differentiation of results based on achievement as well as honest differentiation between the sexes and between old and young. Without understanding natural differences as well as these differences in standing and results, which serve both the self-interest of the actors and the good of the commonwealth, material advances and prosperity cannot very obtained.

The irony is that while the Darwinians claim to be for change, their system is aimed at stasis.  It is designed to achieve and then forever maintain an ideal state and to eliminate differentiation, at least among those within its society. Those incapable of evolution,  whether by choice or biology, are therefore expendable. The mantra of “equality” is in fact a code for enforced stasis.  This is true even though many members of the Jihad are completely, and innocently, unaware that enforced equality and perpetual stasis are inextricably tied.

So then Conservatism,  especially the Judeo-Christian variety, is far more conducive to innovation, advance, and change going forward toward the better and the best, than Darwinism, which claims for itself to be the champion of these things and which slanders conservatism as being merely backward and against ALL change. The aim of Darwinism is to change human nature to achieve  an an ideal state of equality which, once achieved, is strictly maintained. The aim of conservatism is not to change human nature but to harness it toward ever forward advances by conserving a respect for that which is and must be as a foundation for reaching higher goals of human potential and happiness.

Under Darwinism, we go from being made in the very image of God, a lofty and noble height, to a sort of managed animal state which, far from being a evolution, is a devolution of humanity.

It must be made clear that while Nazism and Communism are the most brutal forms of Darwinian Jihad, modern Progressives are not Nazis or Communists and nor do they envision a totalitarian and violent overthrow of their opponents. There is no comparison between the comparatively benevolent methods envisioned by the Progressives and these other brutal forms of Darwinian Jihad. But all such systems, whether brutal or relevatively benign, are Darwinian and do wage war (Jihad) against the laws of nature and Nature’s God in pursuit of a managed secular evolution of humankind toward an ideal state of equality of some sort. All such systems devolve us, or attempt to devolve us, from being made in the image of God into mere animals.

All systems, whether Conservative or Darwinian, can produce fanatics and brutality. The human animal is quite capable of such depths. A Darwinian who embraces natural evolution that is neither managed nor forced does not wage war to suppress and overthrow his or her opponents, and so is of no concern.

But conservatism at its root places so much primacy on the individual within the family and their chosen community and extended kinship that there is hardly room for centralized management of the individual and social institutions. In other words, conservatism is a freedomist worldview because it envisions the initiative and choice of individuals and then the family as the prime mover in history and not the central control of the same by a corporate or political Cadre as the prime mover.

In addition to the view of human nature and of natural law and God’s law being inviolate, freedonis places man as a free individual, inherently noble because made in the image of God but capable of evil because of an inherited sin nature, within his or her family and community as the prime mover of history. The Darwinian Jihad believes human nature can be evolved (which, because it denies we are made in the image of God is really devolution)and seeks to manage that evolution centrally, seeing such centralized structures as the prime mover of human history and denying the veracity of natural law or especially God’s laws in their schema. We might call the Darwinism “devolutionism.”

We can juxtapose devolutionism (Darwinism) against freedomism.

Darwinism denies that we are made in the image of God as man and woman and devolves us into androgynous animals with no interest but the collective good and no differentiation by nature or by merit. Freedomism celebrates that we are made in the image of God as male and female and acknowledges that we are free within the broadest constraints of the laws of nature and of nature’s God to pursue and become our best or God’s best in our own self-interest and in the interest of the commonwealth.

So then with frwedomism, corporate structures such as states and corporations are seen as a useful appendage and support to human society which is driven by the freewill and initiative of individuals, families, and communities who successfully utility the laws of nature and of nature’s God for both self-interest and the commonwealth. That is the conservative or freedomist view of the natural order.

But for Darwinian Jihadists this is not the case. They view centralized structures and institutions as the hub and the individual along with families and communities as the appendages. Indeed, for many Darwinian schemes, the family, rooted in the matrimonial bond of a father and a mother producing autonomous individuals, is a positive impediment to their aspirations for managed evolution. The differentiation within family, kinship, and community based on biology (especially male and female) and merit oppose their dream of a society of equals without self-interest. In their schema there can be no differentiation between sexes or classes, neither your natural biological differences nor differences of merit can be tolerated, and, they believe, we can evolve them out of existence if we but manage life from a central and enlightened authority.

No doubt we all, freedomist or Darwinian, want prosperity, which we can define as peace, safety, and happiness, but we have totally different approaches to getting there. The freedomist wants to unleash the individual within only the broadest boundaries of the laws of nature and of nature’s God. The Darwinian wants to constrain and recreate our nature in a managed system of evolution toward a pre-planned and central-controlled ideal of absolute equality. The freedomist is satisfied with understanding the righteous and just standard ascertainable through no more than 638 of Moses’ laws and preachments, and that in the most graceful and generous manner possible. The Darwinian floods the earth with his or her red tape and not merely hundreds but multiple hundreds of thousands of micromanaging regulations, laws, rules, and rulings which render everyone a lawbreaker without having any chance of ever knowing what laws they broke.

This Darwinian Jihad is indeed a war against Nature and Nature’s God. It will be lost either through its own hubris, resulting in the collapse of the society over which it gains power, or by the strong resistance of those who defend the laws of nature and of nature’s God without apology or compromise.