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In chapters 2 and 3 of Revelation you find seven church types. Why did God only choose seven? Were there only seven New Testament Churches in existence when John wrote his book?

Actually, you can find many more then seven church types in existence when Revelation was written. So why were these specific churches chosen? The answer to this question has been a matter of debate for centuries. There are as many answers to the dilemma as there are people trying to answer the questions.

However, we at Becoming Christian Ministries, Inc. (B.C. M. for short) believe there is a logical reason for the choosing of these seven churches. Our first answer as to why seven churches would be that seven is God’s number of perfection.

Then second we believe the seven churches of Revelation represent characteristics found in all churches down through history. These seven churches are church types. If you look closely at the good and bad things the churches are doing, you can see a remarkable similarity of the good and bad things that take place in every church throughout all of history.

Therefore, God writes a blueprint of how He wants churches to perform. If you take all the good characteristics of these seven churches, make an outline of them. Then, have your church follow the outline. Your church would be performing exactly as God wants it to perform. The outline of good things would be God’s standard of performance for His churches.

So to answer the question about the seven church types you find in Revelation, they would be church types found in all eras of history. These were things taking place in these churches that God didn’t like. He tells all other churches, “Avoid these things. I’m pointing them out so you won’t do them.” You can learn all about other answers to questions about these churches in our study of Revelation.

Source by Howard