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Christians and the web: how do we use it for Jesus, how can we benefit from it, and what are the pitfalls and dangers? How are Christian businesses, ministries, and activists using the web and its technology succesfully? The Web News Page will give you ongoing answers to those questions adding professional expertise to help you harness the web and avoid its pitfalls, dangers, and, yes, temptations.

The Web is always changing and evolving and to reach people online or get the most out of this resource, you need to know trends and developments as early as possible. We’ll give you that by recruiting Web News Page Authors who volunteer to cover some area of web speciality or expertise or help collate raw news for delivery to you.

If you have web expertise and want a place to showcase that, being a volunteer Web News Page Author is a great option. Not only will this allow you to promote yourself and reach an audience, but as we grow we will offer revenue sharing with our volunteer authors.