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At its heart, The Christian Gazette is envisioned as a sort of digital “community newspaper” for Christians who adhere to traditional Christian orthodoxy. It is not about news from a Christian perspective but, rather, news from and about the Christian community and then news that impacts or that is of interest to the global Christian community.

This is a vision. It isn’t current reality. Ultimately, as the Publisher/Editor I am going to have to recruit and build a team of professionals who will make this vision a reality. And to make this succeed it must also be profitable. But it will help you, the reader and potential subscriber, sponsor, or team member, to know where this is going.

The Christian Gazette will not simply provide news and news intelligence from a Christian perspective. It will become a digital hometown newspaper for the global Christian community. The focus will be news from and about that community, and issues and concerns within that community, just as any “local” newspaper would be focused on its home audience. Articles, videos, and live events will have a specialized focus with a high standard for accuracy and quality.

The basic assumption, however, will be that we who embrace traditional Christian orthodoxy, in terms of doctrine and morality, constitute a unique and independent community outside of Christian heterodoxy and the non-believing world. And yet, while we are an independent community, we are also called to be a prophetic voice against heresies and immorality named among Christians and a witness and influence for Jesus to the non-believing world.

This concept of an independent traditonal Christian community being a prophetic voice to heterodoxy and a witness to the non-believing world will color and shape our news coverage of the Christian community and the greater world outside our community. The Christian Gazette will be more focused on serving Christians who still adhere to traditional Christian orthodoxy in doctrine and morality than in trying to impose or force our vews and way of life on non-believers or the heterodox Christians.

If you are a Christian whose doctrine and morality reflect traditional orthodoxy rooted in Scripture and the history of Christendom, then The Christian Gazette aims to become your go-to source for new for and about our global community. The men and women who adhere to and wish to practice the standards of lifestyle of traditional Christian orthodoxy remain the most under-served and misunderstood community of people in the world today. We don’t simply need a voice, we need our own socio-cultural institutions and associations! The Christian Gazette is just a beginning for establishing these elements of an independent global Christian community.