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What is your maternal enclosure?

America has a big problem. Our society rejects God’s laws. We reject them individually.  We reject them in our culture. We reject them in our business dealings.  We reject them in our politics. We even reject them in some of our churches.

The laws of cause and effect work against us when we work against them. It’s not about being cursed it’s just about consequences which follow when like things lead to like things. If you sow death by killing the unborn, you will reap death a thousand other ways. If you sow theft by keeping wages lower than are justified, using such tricks as illegal immigration, then your society will be robbed a thousand different ways. If you sow disconnection by promoting lifestyles which are in conflict with a two parent home where children are raised by their biological parents, then you reap selfishness on a grand scale.

Whoever wins the next election is not going to change this fundamental problem,  which is that the norms and standards, as well as the practices and rules of the present American society, work against God’s design for Creation, His laws of cause and effect. Our society’s rejection  of these laws and its arrogant belief that we can defy them (and even change such fundamental things as marriage, the meaning of family, and human nature itself) is reflected in our individualistic and yet collectivist way of life. In terms of people around us, we are individuals only and despise commitments. But in terms of corporations and the State we are abject dependents on their collectivist system that makes us all just cogs in there machine. It seems totally contradictory to be individualistic in the realm of family and community and yet be collectivist in our relationship to impersonal corporate entities that control us like sheep. But the truth is that we are abject dependents because we lack a willingness to make commitments and be accountable and connected on an interpersonal level with our family,  our neighbors,  and our peers.

The maternal enclosure that protects your individuality and freedom is family rooted in the marriage of biological parents, the extended family, and communities of purpose which revolve around these things. But in American society these necessary and normal human institutions are lacking. When children being raised in a loving home by their biological parents is not the ideal, and when this is not so preferred a social arrangement that it alone is protected and encouraged, you lose the ability to develop and maintain these human institutions that act as a maternal enclosure for your individuality and your freedom. This is not a political problem, therefore it has no political fix. (We live in a free society,  you don’t have to believe this, and neither can you punish me for my conviction nor force me to stop believing this.)

The questions of your individuality and freedom being protected versus saving America as a corporate body from destroying itselfs are totally disconnected. If YOU want to save yourself and your family from the material consequences coming to this society then you have to change how you live and make it conform with this principle of deliberately creating your own maternal enclosure with people of a like mind.  If you want to save America then you must work to convince as many people as possible to do the same thing and to pursue public policies that at least protect people’s rights to pursue that way of life.

The deliberate re-creation of what used to be the maternal enclosure of marriage, family, extended family, and community, is the path to escape the fallout coming to this society.

The context in which this occurs is always a national people with a shared culture. And why is this the case? It is so because groups of people need a common code to be able to quickly form associations together, rooted in trust , confidence, and because groups of such extended families need to associate together for mutual support.

When I saw a new national people, starting in 1982 through the medium of a fictional story, I began working on an inspired vision for a shared way of life, in this case the Kha Yasa, a national covenant. It outlines the major ideals, principles, standards, and practices which would be common for any person who “made covenant” to be a part of that People, “Upadarians.” Such covenants or socio-cultural norms would be broad enough to allow for diversity of application but narrow enough so that that anyone would have a reasonable hope of knowing what to expect and how to act among any body of people who are formed around that culture or ethnicity.

Ethnicity, and by this I mean common socio-cultural norms as well as language and way of life, is the glue that makes multiple freely associating “maternal enclosures” possible.  You might see someone pursuing a common American Christians ethnicity or you could see an intentional new ethnicity,  such as what I envisioned.

BROAD universals, such as the Christian faith necessary to be saved, are not socio-cultural norms and lack the details needed to form close-knit associations. However, grouls can form based on this broad universal as the starting point to discover and explore detailed answers that go beyond basic doctrine. In other words, if a group of people starts with just the Christian faith and commits to developing their own covenant association that will detail common socio-cultural and socioeconomic standards and norms, they become an intentional ethnicity,  even if on a small scale. And as they reproduce they will develop a broader base of matuality with their daughter associations forming a whole community. They may not begin with ethnicity but once they leave the realm of broad universals and answer things Ike food culture and living arrangements or conflict resolution or nomenclature they enter the realm of diversity and ethnic uniqueness.
I should note, the Christian Universals suffice to allow a broad diversity of ethnicities to cooperate and connect on the basis of our common standards and our common submission to Jesus Christ as Lord and King. In essence, Christianity may include many ethnicities, but it is itself a meta-ethnicity into which all of our other ethnicities is nested.

Politics is not the solution. I don’t mean you shouldn’t vote. I mean that the bottom line is that you have to adopt an ethnicity as the basis of an intentional maternal enclosure, starting with marriage and the family and extending to a whole community of people who have similar standards and commitments to one another. This is the only way to escape the consequences of a society whose very way of life works against the natural order as ordained by our Creator.