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World News analysis and perspectives from a Christian worldview will not only inform you give you Biblical insights to today’s headlines. The world situation is always changing, but God’s Word never changes. You can count on that!

World News from The Christian Gazette will ensure that you have a good grasp of the overall world situation. Often your news covers very limited events in the world, leaving you with an inaccurate and incomplete picture. As The Christian Gazette grows, we’ll be providing more in-depth coverage of the WHOLE world, every day, plus a daily tickler of all the headlines so that you can get a bird’s eye view of happening on our planet!

Our World News will be free of denominational and eschatological spin. We’re not here to prove any doctrine or end-times prophetic theory. You draw your own conclusions from our coverage. The motto for our coverage is: Our Coverage, Your Conclusions. We’ll leave author conclusions to our Opinion pages!

We’re just getting organized and we’ll be asking for reader/writers to volunteer from around the world to help sort news and provide coverage and then, when we grow enough, we’ll have a revenue sharing plan for our authors. So sign up to the site now and consider becoming a World News Page Author!