Day: March 15, 2023

Quantum World Suggests Future Affects the Past

From –To Save Physics, Experts Suggest We Need to Assume The Future Can Affect The Past : ScienceAlertExcerpt: In 2022, the physics Nobel prize was awarded for experimental work showing that the quantum world must break some of our fundamental intuitions about how the Universe works. Many look at those experiments and conclude that […]

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Leftist Students Threaten to Kill Non-LGBT-Affirming Christian Organization

From –DePaul students: ‘Eliminate’ Christian group for calling LGBT lifestyles ‘sinful’Excerpt: ‘We are non-affirming. This means we do not agree that the LGBTQIA+ lifestyle is supported by biblical text,’ Christian group says Students at Catholic DePaul University want to see a nascent campus group banned because it does not support LGBTQ lifestyle choices. A […]

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Doctor Gives Children Covid-19 Vaccine without Parental Consent, Gets Sued

From –Mother Sues D.C. Doctor Who Gave Children COVID Jab Without ConsentExcerpt: A mother is suing a D.C.-based doctor for giving her two children the experimental COVID shot without her consent. NaTonya McNeil’s attorney filed a lawsuit last week at the Superior Court for the District of Columbia against Dr. Janine A. Rethy seeking […]

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Transgendered “Women” Must Be Able to Compete With Woman in USA Powerlifting, Judge Rules

From –USA Powerlifting Must Let ‘Transgender’ Males in Women’s DivisionExcerpt: A state court judge has ruled that USA Powerlifting discriminated against a biological male athlete who identifies as a woman when it banned him from competing in its women’s division. USA Powerlifting must now let JayCee Cooper and other male athletes who identify as […]

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Speaker Named Trump Censored from Trinity University for “Dangerous” Last Name

From –Trinity University feared speaker named ‘Trump’ posed ‘elevated risk’ of ‘disruption’Excerpt: ‘Not only does this show that the university has little faith in its students’ ability to use the internet, it also coddles and shields students from opposing viewpoints’ A free speech advocate was asked to buy liability insurance because she shares the […]

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Nicaragua Cancels Catholic Church

NICARAGUA CONTINUES PERSECUTION OF CATHOLIC CHURCH – As anti-government protests rise in opposition to Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega, the government is responding by decertifying unions and shutting down Catholic organizations. The recent targeting of Catholics included shutting down two Catholic Universities.  The schools were also ordered to hand over all student, professor contact information, as […]

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China’s Travelers Won’t Have to get Covid-19 Tests When Coming to America

BIDEN ADMIN WILL ROLL BACK COVID-19 TESTING REQUIREMENTS FOR CHINESE VISITORS – The Biden administration has announced it will significantly curtail rules requiring people from China coming to America to get Covid-19 testing.  This despite the fact that China has not produced real data on the numbers of people infected and the nature of the […]

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U.S. Air Force Recruiting is Failing

AIR FORCE WILL MISS ALL RECRUITING GOALS IN 2023– Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall warned “We are currently projecting about a 10% shortfall this year in the active Air Force and more in the Guard and Reserves.” He claimed the “retention numbers are looking good.”  The Air Force has recently injected the DNC-CCP’s unofficial-official party […]

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DNC’s January 6 Narrative Destroyed by Video Releases

Q ANON SHAMEN REMAINS IN PRISON DESPITE VIDEO EXONERATING HIM – The Biden administration’s political activist lawfare assassins, also known as Federal Prosecutors, denied the plain evidence that exonerates wrongfully convicted American Jacob Chansley of leading an insurrection against the Federal government at the Federal capitol on January 6th, 2021, the day that seditionists from […]

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