Day: March 28, 2023

Pentagon Now Grooming Children for Sex-Transition Surgery

PENTAGON EMPLOYS “GROOMER” DOCS WHO SUPPORT GENDER TRANSITION SURGERY FOR 7-YEAR-OLDS – The woke military of the Wokemerican nightmare ushered in by the mass mailer President, Joe Biden, doubled down on its perversity when doctors working for the Pentagon advocated for mutilating the bodies of 7-year-olds who think they are born in the wrong sex.  […]

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3 Children Dead After Targeted Assault by Transgender Activist

TRANS ACTIVIST KILLS 3 CHILDREN, 3 ADULTS IN TARGETED ATTACK ON CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – Trans Activist Audrey Hale, who presents as a male, invaded a Christian school she previously attended and murdered 3 children aged 9 and 3 faculty.  The murderer had maps on her that documented exactly how she was going to systematically murder […]

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FedNow Program Starts in July

FED ROLLS OUT INFRASTRUCTURE FOR CBDC- The Federal Reserve announced plans to launch their FedNow program, which promises to allow banking to happen instantaneously. The infrastructure has been built over the past three years.  It is ostensibly being created to combat the threat of CBDs being used by competing monetary systems (like China), but others […]

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