Day: December 1, 2023

American Suicide Rate Hits Record in 2022 – Freedomist News Feed

The American suicide rate reached levels not seen since 1941, the year American entered World War Two. Statistics from the NCHS show, provisionally, that 50,000 plus Americans committed suicide in 2022, a figure that is expected to go higher after the numbers are finalized. Men account for nearly 5 times as many suicides as women, […]

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FBI Arrests Catholic Family Over Memes – Freedomist News Feed

FBI Terrorizes Family for Being “Trad Catholic” – Excerpt: A “Traditional” Catholic Family saw their lives turned upside down when FBI agents trolled their son to share a meme that gave them an excuse to brutally arrest them and accuse them of being seditionists working against the state, Progmerica, which is no America at […]

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