30 Million “Americans” Would Choose Violence to Stop Trump

The University of Chicago released a survey called The Chicago Project on Security and Threats found 6.9 percent of Americans, or 18 million Americans, advocate for violence to ensure Trump becomes President. The same survey showed 11.6 percent of Americans advocate for violence to ensure Trump does NOT become President, or a total of 30 million. This shows that violent extremism is far more pervasive in the “left” than it is on the “right.” Both numbers are up nearly 33 percent from a similar survey conducted in April.

U. Chicago report: 30 million Americans believe violence justified to keep Trump from presidency – www.thecollegefix.com


A new report out of the University of Chicago shows that millions more people favor using violence to keep Donald Trump from the presidency than those who would use it to put him back in the Oval Office.

The Chicago Project on Security & Threats survey findings, some of which are available at The Guardian, indicate that eighteen million, or 6.9 percent of Americans, feel violence is justified to ensure Trump does become president again.

This represents an increase of approximately six million from last April.


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