Gene Test Abortion Screens Wrong 8/10 Times, Report Reveals

Abortion-Backing Nets Ignore NYT Report Gene Tests Wrong Up to 93%

2022-01-03 21:52:00
Nicholas Fondacaro


In a heartbreaking report out on Saturday, The New York Times detailed how prenatal blood tests for genetic defects used in some cases to justify an abortion were wrong between 81 and 93 percent of the time, as the companies boast near-perfect results. But the pro-abortion advocates in the liberal broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) didn’t want their viewers to know that terrible statistic.

And since the broadcast networks didn’t want to cover the story on their flagship newscasts, that left Fox News Channel to inform the public more broadly. “Prenatal genetic testing pushed on thousands of moms-to-be every year, but a stunning new report from The New York Times suggests the results could be wrong more often than not,America Reports co-host John Roberts announced on Monday.

“Accuracy, obviously, is vital because these tests results can determine if the pregnancy is terminated or if a child is born or not,” correspondent William La Jeunesse followed up. “But…


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