Abortion Drug Preventing Women from Being Treated for Miscarriages – Freedomist News Feed

The same drug that is used to murder unborn children, mifepristone, is also used to treat women who have had a miscarriage. Due to the legalization of selling the death drug over the counter, women seeking medical treatment after miscarriage are being given the less-effective drug misoprostol because the more effective drug is being used by big pharma to help Americans genocide the next generation.

… Patients like Lulu are, experts say, a little-recognized casualty of America’s fractious abortion wars. In other contexts, both mifepristone and misoprostol are used to voluntarily terminate pregnancies, and both medications are often called “abortion pills.”

But while misoprostol is indicated for a wide range of medical uses, including labor induction and ulcer treatment, mifepristone is taken almost exclusively to induce abortions and manage miscarriages, the latter of which is an off-label use. The federal government regulates it tightly, as do most state governments. The drug remains widely unavailable to patients experiencing pregnancy loss — even in states that do not otherwise restrict abortion, for a variety of regulatory, cultural and political reasons.

“There’s been this conflation of abortion and miscarriage management,” said Dr. Elise Boos, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Vanderbilt University and a practicing OB-GYN. “There’s so much stigma and worry about the optics — and as a result, patients get suboptimal care for miscarriage.”

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