Altrainbow Non-Binary Children’s Propagandist Bemoans Parents Having Rights

Alex Gino, the Author of a book aimed at convincing children to choose their sex, called Melissa, bemoaned the right of parents to choose to protect their children from altrainbow grooming in public schools. “Parental rights really anger me, because what about human rights? People who are under 18 are human,” Gino told Yahoo News. “And if you are keeping information about the world from young people, you are leaving them less prepared to learn how to be in the world.”

Non-binary children’s book author angered by ‘parental rights’ movement –


The parental rights movement has caused the anger of one author of a controversial children’s book to speak out.

Alex Gino, who identifies as non-binary and uses “they/them” pronouns, did an interview with Yahoo News to discuss families pushing back on books they deemed inappropriate for minors.

Gino’s book “Melissa” chronicles a fourth-grade girl named Melissa who is struggling to be herself. While Melissa identifies as female, the rest of the world sees Melissa as a boy.

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