AMA Teaches Doctors to Hate White People

AMA’s ‘Racism in Medicine’ Course Is Unscientific Propaganda

                              Let’s say you are a doctor with an interest in the role racism may play in medicine. Your natural inclination is to turn to the American Medical Association as a resource   since it is the largest publisher of medical education products in the United States.

You find an AMA course titled “Racism in Medicine” replete with a video valued at one credit-hour of continuing medical education. Of course, it helps that the course is f ree . You turn on the video and are immediately met with the smiling, youthful face of Dr. Emily Cleveland Manchanda, who says:

So  t o night, we are going to begin as those of us at the Center for Health Equity always begin each of our talks — with a land and labor acknowledgement. We ac kno wledge that we are all living off of the stolen ancestral lands of indigenous peoples for thousands of years; we acknowledge the extraction of brilliance, ene rgy, and life for labor forced upon people of African descent for more than 400 years; we celebrate the resilience and strength that all indigenous peop le and descendants of Africa have shown in this country and worldwide. We carry our ancestors in us, and we are continually called to be better as we lead in t his work.

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