American Library Association Faces Termination Under Marxist Leadership

In the wake of the American Library Association (ALA) choosing an openly socialist leader for its organization that wants to use their platform to make socialism great again, more states are dropping it. Leftists are upset, holding up their standard bearer as the beacon of liberty, fighting against censorship, which means it wants libraries to have pornographic books kids can access.

So far, these are the states that have cancelled their relationship with the anti-American Marxist activist organization: Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and Texas. More states are already considering following suit.

Is the American Library Association’s Demise Imminent? More States Sever Ties With the Organization – RedState –


It appears the controversy over inappropriate books on library shelves is hitting a tipping point, which has caused a ripple effect through various parts of the country. Last month, Texas decided to cut ties with the American Library Association (ALA).

Now, other states like Wyoming, Montana, and Missouri are following suit. If more states get on the bandwagon, what will happen to the ALA? We need only look at the fate of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) after the fallout from the “domestic terrorist” controversy.

This summer, the state libraries in Montana, Missouri and Texas and the local library in Midland, Texas, announced they’re leaving the ALA, with possibly more to come. Right-wing lawmakers in at least nine other states — Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wyoming — demand similar action.

Part of the reason is the association’s defense of disputed books, many of which have LGBTQ+ and racial themes. A tweet by ALA President Emily Drabinski last year in which she called herself a “Marxist lesbian” also has drawn criticism and led to the Montana and Texas state library departures.

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