Apple Trying to be Child Protector of World Triggers Massive Backlash

Apple’s anti-porn overreach — good intent, bad execution

2021-08-10 13:00:00
Evan Schuman


Oh, Apple. Can’t you weigh into anything without making a mess?

The latest: Apple wants to use its extensive powers to fight child pornography. As is typical, the company  has good intentions, wants to advance a great goal — and then uses such overreach as to give people dozens of reasons to oppose them. To paraphrase the old adage, the road to hell in this case starts at One Apple Park Way. Alternatively, think of Cupertino as where good ideas go to become…


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The Five Musts of Christmas Service

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Gospel Wakefulness

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China Unable to Bury Pen Shuai Controvery

China Can’t Stop the Deafening Silence from Peng Shuai From Excerpt: It seems not even Beijing can conceal the political ruthlessness of its actions from the world even when it comes to how it usually treats its stars, specifically female stars, like sexual conquests for the party elites.  The top-ranked doubles tennis player in […]

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