Archaeological finds of excavation in Mahakal Temple inspected –

Archaeological finds of excavation in Mahakal Temple inspected

2021-08-29 19:57:26


Ujjain: Archaeologist on Sunday inspected the archaeological excavations and historical antiquities unearthed during the works under the Mahakal temple expansion.

Sant Awadheshpuri Maharaj, an internationally renowned archaeologist, National Monument Authority and Dr Wakankar Research Chair, Dr Narayan Vyas, member of the National Archives, renowned historian Professor Ramesh Dixit, Dhruvendra Jodha among other leading the excavation work on behalf of the Department of Archeology comprised the inspection team.

Dr Vyas, confirmed the hypothesis of Dr Awadheshpuri, in which he had predicted that a treasure trove of temples lies hidden in the area. So far, thousands of years old temple structure and many idols etc. which have come out, similarly, there is possibility unearthing many archaeological treasure and series of temples in the whole area around the entrance of Shati Mata Mandir or old Mahakal.

Dr Vyas also supported the demands of Maharaj, in that before excavating the…

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