Arizona Abortion Ban Blocked by Federal Judge at Last Moment

Federal judge blocks part of Arizona abortion ban hours before it takes effect

2021-09-29 02:40:34


A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked a provision of Arizona’s new abortion ban hours before it was set to take effect, which would have prohibited abortions solely due to a diagnosis of a genetic abnormality or other fetal condition. 

In the order granting a partial preliminary injunction against the law, Judge Douglas L. Rayes for the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona wrote that because doctors are required to inform patients of this provision, those who wish “to terminate her pre-viability pregnancy because of a fetal genetic abnormality” may inevitably “conceal this information from or lie to her doctor, neither of which fosters trust or encourages open dialogue.”  

Rayes added that “Arizona’s more abstract concern with how the public might perceive the medical profession does not outweigh the concrete damage” that the provision “would do to the doctor-patient relationship.”


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