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Thanks equally to the hateful, sub-humanizing language the far-left uses to describe Christians and their orthodox values and the importing of whole groups of people who practice a religion, Islam, that, for most practicing Muslims worldwide, calls for the extermination of Christians, violence is on the rise against Christians in Europe. The Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe issued a report that claims violent crimes against Christians have increased by 44 percent in 2022.

Anti-Christian Hate Crimes on the Rise in Europe –


The report notes that the majority of this is coming from the radical left. The same people who claim to be against hate.

The Daily Signal reports:

Anti-Christian Hate Rising in Europe: From Job Firings to Arson to Murders

A new report is documenting a drastic rise in anti-Christian hate crimes across Europe. The Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe published its annual report last week, detailing a 44% increase over the course of 2022 in social hostility toward and violent attacks against Christians as well as acts of vandalism and desecration against churches.

According to the report, 748 anti-Christian hate crimes were committed in Europe last year, 38 of which were violent physical attacks and three of which were murders. Arson attacks were also more common than in years past, and churches were targeted for firebombings and vandalism, especially in France and Germany. In fact, arson attacks nearly doubled over the course of one year, rising from 60 attacks in 2021 to 106 in 2022.

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