Biden Admin Holds Meeting to Help Woke Colleges Escape American Justice

The Biden administration is coordinating with anti-American colleges and universities to figure out a way to continue to be racist and bigoted in defiance of a recent Supreme Court ruling that rightly struck down the racist and bigoted policy of admissions quotas, which give unfair advantage to one race and discriminate against others.

Biden’s Department of Education Holds Summit Promoting Discrimination

President Joe Biden’s Department of Education is attempting to circumvent the Supreme Court’s recent ruling against using racial discrimination in college admissions.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court found that Harvard University and the University of North Carolina had limited the admission of Asian candidates in favor of other “racial groups.” Citing the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the court ruled that persons could not receive different treatment in college admissions because of their skin color.

This deeply upset the Biden administration.

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