Biden Pushes Two-State Solution Even Though Palestinians, Israelis Don’t Support It

U.S. Again Betrays Promise of “Unbreakable” Support for Israel at the United Nations

… the Biden administration has heaped insult upon injury by actively supporting a new UNSC statement expressing members’ “deep concern and dismay” over Israel’s recent announcement to build more settlement homes in “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” It also reaffirmed its “unwavering commitment” to a “two-State solution,” claiming that Israeli settlement activity endangers its viability.

While such UN resolutions are not legally binding, they are certainly intended to cast an aura of pariah status over the Jewish state. More importantly, these resolutions reflect a profound misreading of the desires of both Israeli and Palestinian publics. Thus, these mandates are also condescending to both parties—assuming the U.S. patriarch knows better than the Middle East children.

Indeed, despite the UNSC’s—and the United States’—attempt to dictate Israel’s and the Palestinians’ joint destiny, neither side supports a two-state solution. A 2022 poll shows that only 33% of Palestinians prefer two-states, and only 37% of Israeli Jews support the idea.

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