Police Arrest Black Man for Stealing Own Car

Black Man Arrested for Stealing His Own Car He Reported Stolen

From Freedomist.com


….there is a manner of systemic-type racism that becomes part of an institution’s culture, and when that institution is the police it’s the most dangerous of institutions to have such an anti-Bill-of-rights sentiment to take hold.  Police, above all others, since they have the power to use lethal force to enforce the law of the land, should be steeped in a Bill of Rights culture, so wherever we see evidence of a racist culture in a police department, well, that should be the end of that department and the creation of a new one.

If this story holds up, and so far it does for me, then we may very well have a police department that is so prone to view black skin as evidence of potential criminal activity that they literally arrested a man on suspicion of stealing his own car that he had reported stolen.

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