Bloomberg Bullish on China While Ready to Vacate Israel…..For Reasons

Michael Bloomberg ‘doesn’t blame’ corporations for pulling money out of Israel

The failed 2020 Democratic nominee for president, who isn’t even familiar with his own country’s Supreme Court system, nevertheless weighed in on Israel’s judicial system.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg published an op-ed in The New York Times Sunday warning against judicial reform, saying Israel was “courting disaster” that could “imperil the future of the Jewish homeland.”

Bloomberg opened with the disclaimer that he has “never gotten involved in [Israel’s] domestic politics or criticized its government initiatives,” but that it was “due to my love for Israel, my respect for its people and my concern about its future are now leading me to speak out against the current government’s attempt to effectively abolish the nation’s independent judiciary.”

The judicial reform is “imperiling Israel’s alliances around the world, its security in the region, its economy at home, and the very democracy upon which the country was built,” Bloomberg said in the oped.

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