British Teaching Nine Year Olds How to Masturbate

School children in some British schools are currently being taught how to have anal sex and are given masturbation “homework” assignments they’re not allowed to share with their parents. They’re being taught these things through a program called “Relationships Education,” which became compulsory in British schools in 2020.

Twelve-year-olds are taught about anal sex in school while nine-year-olds told to ‘masturbate’ –


Schoolchildren are being taught about anal sex and orgasms before they have reached puberty and set ‘masturbation’ as homework, secretive lesson plans reveal.

Many teachers are ‘indoctrinating’ children with scientifically false claims about biological sex, presenting gender as fluid and furthering a narrative that people can be born in the wrong body.

It comes as the NHS is facing a mass legal action from 1,000 families who claim their children were rushed into taking life-changing puberty blockers’ by the Tavistock Centre.


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