California Schools Board Defy Newsome, Defends Kids from Gender Fascism

Two California School Boards, the Techmula School Board and the China Valley school board, rejected threats by the gender-fascist Gavin Newsome over moves to purge their schools of LGBTQ porn and prevent students from “choosing” to mutilate their bodies without parental consent. Newsome claims children have a right to privacy, which is just what a child-raping groomer would want children to believe.

Chino Valley School District Votes to Inform Parents of Gender Confused Kids. Death & Mutilation Threats Follow – RedState

Recently, the Techmula School Board voted 3-2 to delay the use of a curriculum for elementary students that parents found was overtly sexualized. Newsom verbally attacked the board, called them “extremists” (that’s the new attack word), and “demagogues who whitewash history, censor books, and perpetuate prejudice.” He threatened to fine the district $1.5 Million unless it approved his agenda….

The thug tactics of threats and state-sponsored intimidation adopted by Gavin Newsom have not been lost on the left’s stormtroopers. In Chino Valley, another sleepy suburb northeast of Orange County, the school board voted to notify its parents if a student claims to have a different gender than that listed on a birth certificate.


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