Californians Reject Reparations

There’s hope for Californians yet as a recent poll conducted by UC Berkely and the LA Times shows 59 percent of Californians will vote now on a measure that would create cash reparations to African Americans while 28 percent would vote for it. Even among Democrats, only 43 percent were for it, with 41 percent being against it. Sadly, 76 percent of Black Americans would vote for it, not realizing the damage such an act would create to racial relations in the state of California.

California’s Shocking Reparations Poll – Guess What They Disagree On? –


California is currently grappling with the issue of reparations, as a recent poll conducted by UC Berkeley and the LA Times indicates that a significant majority of voters are against the idea of cash payments to black descendants of slaves. The poll reveals that 59% of voters are against such payments, while only 28% support the idea. One notable point is that 40% of the voters are “strongly” against it.

The reasons for opposition are varied. According to the poll, only 19% of the opponents mentioned the cost of such an occurrence as a concern. The primary reasons for opposition against the reparations were the belief that it’s unjust to ask today’s taxpayers to pay for past wrongs (60% of voters) and the sentiment that it’s not right to single out one group for reparations when other groups have also faced injustices in the past (53% of voters).


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