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A ballot petition in California could give citizens an opportunity to bypass the trans-fascist cult of the DNC-CCP and vote trans-fascism out of schools, protecting parents and children from the perverse child grooming efforts of the DNC-CCP and the teachers it employs to perform these psychological acts of terrorism against children and their parents.

California Ballot Petition Could Repeal Major Transgender Legislation –


A ballot petition in the Democrat stronghold of California could repeal transgender legislation and be a major setback for the trans agenda in a significantly hard blue state.

Launched by Protect Kids California, the three-part initiative could potentially “require schools notify parents when their child wants to socially transition in school settings” and ensure that “girls’ athletic programs are for female athletes only.” It may also “prevent child sterilization by prohibiting puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or transgender surgeries on minors.”…

According to the New York Sun, the petition has garnered some serious traction in the Golden State after having collected its required signatures in November with thousands of downloads. Speaking to the outlet, Protect Kids California’s co-founder Jonathan Zachreson said the state has become a “central point where a lot of these horrible policies relating to youth and gender dysphoria are happening”:

Recent polling suggests nearly 70 percent of California voters oppose schools keeping gender identity information secret from parents. That polling information, along with other polls indicating a “disconnect” between voters and state legislators, Mr. Zachreson said, was “the impetus for starting these initiatives.”

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