Call of Duty to Feature AI-Hate-Speech Detector in Game’s Chats

In a move that’s sure to excite fans the world over, Call of Duty has announced the creation of an AI-powered hate speech tool that will begin to cover the chat rooms in the game, assuring no hate speech is being used. Of course, the AI bots will be programmed to identify all DNC-CCP approved types of language as being hate speech while allowing speech that those outside the dark ideology find hateful as well.

AI-powered hate speech detection will moderate voice chat in upcoming Call of Duty game | WGN Radio 720 –


Mike Pappas, co-founder and CEO of Modulate, joins The Althimer Show to talk about their collaboration with Activision’s Call of Duty first-person-shooter series to fight voice chat abuse in online gaming with ToxMod technology, which moderates in-game voice chat in real time by using artificial intelligence.


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