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The Canadian government’s judiciary just upheld an order by the Canadian government that would see Dr. Jordan Peterson forced to attend re-education classes training him in how to conduct himself with the media in a way that meets the demands of the far left party in power under Trudeau that demands Canadians worship the rainbow fascist death cult or else…

ED.NOTE: When the “press,” such as National Post pretends it is, covers this story as if it were a simple technical legal ruling and not a fundamental violation of the right to free speech, a right a free press needs, you know that “press” is not the press at all, it’s a content marketing terror machine in service to the  far-left one-party state that controls this once free nation.

Exclusive: Jordan Peterson loses fight with psychology college over mandatory social media training –


Jordan Peterson has failed in his attempt to have the Ontario justice system prevent the College of Psychologists of Ontario from ordering him to undergo remedial social media training.

On Tuesday, a panel of three judges with the Ontario Court of Appeal dismissed Peterson’s motion for leave to appeal an earlier decision by the Ontario Divisional Court. No reasons were given, which is normal for the appeal court.

“I think it’s going to be a licence to regulatory bodies to be more aggressive,” said Howard Levitt, the lawyer who represented the controversial psychologist and best-selling author.


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