Canada Orders Jordan Peterson to Re-Education Camp to Hold on to Psychologist Licence

A Canadian Court has ruled that the College of Psychologists of Ontario can order Dr. Jordan Peterson to receive re-education training as a result of his resolute claim that men are men and women are women. The infested far-left organization has determined that no one can be a psychologist if they don’t deny basic human biological reality, making everyone in Canada feeling much “safer” about the quality of care they will receive from the medical industry.

Court rules against Dr. Jordan Peterson, upholds regulatory group’s requirement that he undergo ‘re-education’ for expressing his opinions online: ‘I will let the world know’ –


A governing body for psychologists in Canada ordered Dr. Jordan Peterson to undergo re-education training after complete strangers took issue with views he had expressed online.

He fought back, but a Canadian court just upheld the regulator’s order.

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