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Canada to Allow Trans person to Kill Themselves?

In a tale of two terrible leftist policies creating a perfect storm of horror, a trans-sexual person, Lois Cardinal, whose mental illness was indulged rather than treated (for anti-human ideological purposes) is now requesting the “right’ to kill himself as a result of experiencing great pain after a botched surgery to create a fake “vagina.” Canada’s euthanasia law will kill Lois while its laws allowing people to be mutilated to treat a mental illness led Lois to this place.

Transsexual Requests Euthanasia in Canada over Pain from Sex Surgery

A post-operation transsexual Canadian has requested that the socialised healthcare system provide an assisted suicide lethal injection in order to end long-term suffering and pain from a surgery to manufacture a “neo-vagina”.

Lois Cardinal, a self-described “sterilized First Nations post-op transsexual”, has expressed immense regret over a 2009 surgery to create an imitation vagina out of an inverted penis, saying that euthanasia would be preferable to the constant pain from the novel operation. The aftermath of the surgery often leaves many in pain, with the resulting “neo-vagina” effectively being an open wound that needs to be dilated daily to prevent it from closing.

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