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Canada’s Parents Rally to Reject Child Grooming, Altrainbow Indoctrination of Children

Canada’s parents have had enough and they’re taking to the streets to let their anti-human, anti-liberty child grooming government know they’ve had enough of the rainbow indoctrinations of their children. Thousands rallied this month in Toronto to let the government know their time is up, parents will be taking back their children from the state-sanctioned, state-subsidized child groomers currently terrorizing the nation.

ED.NOTE: The article excerpted below supports the child grooming and seeks to demonize any resistance to the rainbow cult. It is NOT a trusted site.

Massive Protests In Canada Over Gender, Sexual Identity In School Curriculum –


Parents said they are speaking out against indoctrination of children by schools.

A massive wave of protests centred around gender and sexual education in schools has swept across Canada. Thousands of parents and other protesters gathered across Greater Toronto area on Wednesday under the banner ‘1 Million March for Children’, Canada-based outlet CBC News said in a report. The group had one demand: To “protect our children from indoctrination and sexualisation”. One of the protesters, a woman age 47, was arrested for allegedly bringing a weapon to the protest, the outlet further said.

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