Canadian Pastor Flees Tyrannical, Anti-Christian Government to Kenya

A Canadian Pastor has chosen to relocate his life to Kenya for fear of being arrested and imprisoned for protesting the Canada government’s fascistic Covid-19 shutdowns that targeted churches particularly hard as the Communist government of Castro’s alleged son Trudeau attempted to exploit a plandemic emergency to effectively target Christians for persecution.

Canadian Pastor Flees to Kenya to Escape Persecution After Govt Froze Protesters’ Bank Accounts

A Canadian pastor has moved his entire family to Kenya to escape persecution from the Canadian government after he prayed and sang the national anthem at a peaceful protest.

Harold Ristau, a decorated veteran and chaplain, participated in a convoy of Canadian truckers opposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates, last February.

… Ristau says he was threatened with removal of his security clearance, and confiscation of his retirement funds, kid’s college funds, and other savings.

“I don’t know that I can go back and be a Christian in Canada. So that’s why we’re here in Kenya,” Ristau said.

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