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Fauci, Wife, Make $1.7 Million Shutting Down America

Fauci Family Makes Millions As Long as Pandemic Continues From Freedomist.com Excerpt: Fauci, for instance, while he shuts down our means of making of living, is getting $1.7 million in his bank account thanksĀ  to the salaries he and his wife and co-conspirator rake in from our government while this pandemic goes on.   Read […]

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Dem in Purple District Calls Opposition to CRT Proof of Racism

VA Dem Rep Calls CRT Opposition a Dog Whistle for Racism From Freedomist.com Excerpt: Virginia Democrat Elaine Luria decided that telling her constituents that any opposition to Critical Race Theory being taught in schools is just a dog whistle for racism. Read Full Article

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After Demanding FBI Arrest Protesting Parents, National School Board Assn Loses States

Alabama Rejects National School Board After it Calls Parents Terrorists From Freedomist.com Excerpt:   More and more states are severing ties with the National School Boards Association after it made it clear to these states that it no longer respected the Bill of Rights as the Lady Liberty, the only Queen of the Land that […]

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