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SEC Questions Trump’s TRUTH Social

Trump Social Media Venture, TRUTH Social, Under SEC Inquiry From Freedomist.com Excerpt: The effort to create a non-DNC-filtered social media platform got some serious capital investment promise recently when a Trump company entity and an independent investment company declare the intent to create a $1 billion investment fund to support the creation of “TRUTH Social,” […]

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Engineered Silk Could Could the Skin by 15 Degrees

Chinese Silk Could Save Hot Summers From Freedomist.com Excerpt: The Chinese are developing a new type of fabricĀ  that can make humans feel 15 percent cooler when they put the clothes on in hot conditions. Read Full Article

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Google’s Parent Wants New DeepMind to Get Wonder Drugs

The Google Wants Drugs From Freedomist.com Excerpt: Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is setting up a new DeepMind to try and find new and awesome wonder drugs the mega-corpo can use to expand its market share to include the drugs you buy at the pharmacy. Read Full Article

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