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Solar Rooftops Could Harness the Skies for Hydrogen

Coming soon: Rooftop hydrogen From thehindubusinessline.com Excerpt: Prof Aravind Kumar Chandiran, who heads the Solar Energy Research Group at IIT Madras, had announced in August the development of “a new material” (a ‘distorted hallide perovskite’) that can be used to split water under sunlight. Prof Mohammed Qureshi of IIT Guwahati announced recently that his team […]

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Elon Rides $21 Billion on Twitter Poll

Elon Musk Is Letting a Twitter Poll Decide Whether He Sells $21 Billion in Tesla Stock From futurism.com 2021-11-07 15:13:27 Jon Christian Excerpt:   Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk waded deep into tax and wealth discourse this weekend, saying that he was open to selling what amounts to $21 billion in Tesla stock — […]

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