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The Christian Response to CRT in the Corporate Space?

Do Christians Appeal to Earthly Powers to Combat the DNC Anti-God Moral Code? From Freedomist.com Excerpt: The largest investment firm in the world, State Street, is enacting policies aligned with the DNC, policies based on assumption of guilt by association, genetics, and ‘normative’ life choices. In keeping with that model, the wizards at State Street […]

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EU Tech Rules Expose US Lag in Social Media Law

EU Social Media Regs Are “Pioneering” Model for US, ABC News Declares From Freedomist.com Excerpt: ABC News Writer Assumes the Sale to Condition You to Welcome EU-Style Social Media Controls – Media Analysis Kelvin Chan, a business writer for ABC News, recently penned an article called “Europe bolsters pioneering tech rules with help from Haugen.” […]

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Google’s Parent Wants New DeepMind to Get Wonder Drugs

The Google Wants Drugs From Freedomist.com Excerpt: Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is setting up a new DeepMind to try and find new and awesome wonder drugs the mega-corpo can use to expand its market share to include the drugs you buy at the pharmacy. Read Full Article

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