Amazon to Face Second Alabama Union Vote

Amazon Alabama Union Election Nullified, Must be Re-run From Excerpt: It appears Jeff Bezos’ progressive-powered Amazon is having problems living up to the full code of social justice.  Efforts to unionize Amazon workers have been met with failure, but no one has come closer than the Alabama facility in pulling it off.  A recent… Continue reading Amazon to Face Second Alabama Union Vote

Biden Falls to 38

Biden, Harris See Approval Numbers Crater From Excerpt: Biden hits 38 and Harris slams into 28 in their job approval latest polling numbers.  The news comes just as Biden scored a major victory in congress thans to GOP votes on the infrastructure bill.  Go GOP! Read More

Poland-Belarus Border Crisis Worsening

Poland Prepares for War with Belarus Over Migrant Threat From Excerpt: The border crisis between Poland and Belarus is only deepening as both states bring troops to their respective borders while more migrants are also being allowed to gather by Belarus. Read Full Article