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Amazon to Face Second Alabama Union Vote

Amazon Alabama Union Election Nullified, Must be Re-run From Freedomist.com Excerpt: It appears Jeff Bezos’ progressive-powered Amazon is having problems living up to the full code of social justice.  Efforts to unionize Amazon workers have been met with failure, but no one has come closer than the Alabama facility in pulling it off.  A recent […]

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White House Accuses Oil Companies of Price Fixing Amid Soaring Gas Prices – freebeacon.com

Biden Blames Big Oil for Gas Spikes From Freedomist.com Excerpt: In response, the Biden administration is choosing option one in blaming others for your own authoritarian failues, he’s blaming the oil companies, accusing them of intentionally spiking gas prices.  He’s even written a letter to the FTC asking them to investigate these oil companies over […]

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McConnell, GOP Fold on Debt Ceiling Defiance

Debt Ceiling Capitulation Symbol of Token GOP Opposition From Freedomist.com Excerpt: Shortly after the Republicans declared they will not buckle in the Senate on the looming debt celing deadline of October 18th, the MSM of the DNC cranked up their “Republicans are killing us by preventing us from going deeper into debt narrative,” thought it […]

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