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The Age of the AI Barons?

The War for Liberty Starts with Artificial Intelligence Machines From Freedomist.com Excerpt: This article from Army Technology is revealing a little more than, perhaps, it would want to reveal to folks like you and me when it exposes that the top concern in business in 2021 has been artificial intelligence.  At number two, previously number […]

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Afghanistan to Get World Aid

Taliban Set to get World “Humanitarian Aid,” Including from America From Freedomist.com Excerpt: After America’s seeming hasty retreat from Afghanistan, the news coming out from the embattled country has not been good.  With critical industries within Afghanistan collapsing, the nation now in the hands of a far-right Islami-fascist regime, the Taliban might be set up […]

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Major Oil Spill Hits California Shoreline

California Struck With Massive Oil Spill from Broken Pipeline From Freedomist.com Excerpt: A leak from an offshore rig across has caused a six-mile-wide oil slick across the Orange County coastline this past weekend, causing beaches to close and even cancelling an air show. The leak likely started on Friday, when workers detected strong odors. And, […]

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