CCP Welcomes Into Our Public School Classrooms Thanks to DNC-Controlled School Boards

A report by Parents Defending Education called “Little Red Classrooms” details how the Chinese Communist Party has been allowed to create programs in our public schools to indoctrinate our children to hate our own country (A DNC plank in their platform, which claims we need to fundamentally transform America because it’s essentially nothing but a violent, enslaving white supremacist nation) and love Communism, especially Communism with Chinese Characteristics (which is really mixing fascism, the use of the corporation to dictate freedom-killing policy to the many, and Communism, the use of the state to dictate freedom-killing policies to the many).

‘Alarming evidence’ links China’s Communist Party to American K-12 schools, anti-indoctrination group claims

Parents Defending Education, a grassroots organization dedicated to fighting indoctrination in the classroom, says it has uncovered disturbing evidence linking Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-sponsored financial entities to American K-12 schools.

The findings are detailed in a new report dubbed “Little Red Classrooms,” which was sent to 34 governors, key lawmakers and committee chairs on Wednesday.

“The alarming evidence uncovered by our investigation should concern parents, educators, and policymakers alike. Families deserve to know who is influencing the American education system so that they can make informed choices about what their children are learning behind closed doors,” PDE president Nicole Neily told Fox News Digital.

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