Children Are Being Trained to Threaten Suicide if Parents Don’t Let Them Transition

Child “Trained” To Use Suicide As a Weapon To Get Access To Chemical Castration –


The Trans cult is constantly threatening to kill itself if we don’t deny human reality and the Word of God. If we don’t acknowledge their delusions, they will kill themselves. Choose life, they say, as these same cultists also nearly totally support murdering unborn children for any reason whatsoever, up to and past birth. Now, a victim of the school groomers has come forward to tell his story of how school “officials” trained him to use the threat of suicide to get access to being mutilated physically and chemically, another Ba’al sacrifice to the pedophilic leftist agenda.

He said, “I started using, like, ‘the suicide tactics,’ because that’s what they are. That’s what they tell us all to do. … I don’t want to use the word ‘groom,’ but we are, like, taught.”

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